Lavender Lemon Kiss Face & Body Bar


3 oz. Intoxicating Face & Body Bar (1 bar@ 7.99)

Natural   Cruelty Free   Gluten Free

Looking for a pick me up to get in touch with your inner and outer glow? Try this invigorating aromatherapy body bar made with real lemon zest, lavender, organic raw honey and skin softening goat's milk.  Each ingredient has beautifying benefits that also balances the energies in an awakened yet relaxed way. You know, that feeling you get after meditating when you feel grounded, balance and ready to receive all of life's goodness. 

Here's a list of benefits for our SUPER STAR INGREDIENTS. 


Antibacterial cleanser that increases collagen and gently removes dead skin cells revealing glowing brighter skin. Also reduces anxiety and depression. 


Balances the skin's moisture level, reduces wrinkles, eczema and detoxes and heals injured skin. It also relieves emotional stress. 


Natural humectant that helps to keep the skin moist but not oily. Helps to protect, repair and prevent skin damage. 


Gentle, nutrient rich natural exfoliant that helps to even out and moisturize dry skin.