• X.O. "SO" Lit Body Butter Massage Candle



    Natural    Cruelty Free   Gluten Free

    Set the mood with our soft and silky, lickable and luxurious body butter massage candles. Relaxing and moisturizing, perfect for giving the skin a loving treat during a couple's or personal massage. Our nutrient rich butters and oils contained in our Body Balm Candles will soften, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin leaving it deeply moisturized.

    In addition to Cocoa and Shea Butter, we use a eco friendly soy wax for a soft, clean, burn when lit. As we know that some naturalistas/os like to keep it simple with a basic formula while others like it extra with fragrance, glitter, flowers and color, our massage candles are completely customizable to be as unique as you are. 

    Body Massage Benefits:

    • Reduces Anxiety and Depression.
    • Reduces muscle and joint pain, soreness and tension,
    • Improves circulation which could minimize the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. 
    • Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.
    • Improves Immune Function.

    It's Perfect For:

    • Body Moisturizer and Skin Protector
    • softens dry skin
    • repairs cracked heals and troublesome cuticle
    • Sun Screen
    • Lip Balm


    Simply light candle and allow to burn until the oil is evenly melted across top of container, which will take on average 10-20 minutes. Gently blow out flame. Test melted wax temperature with finger before pouring. Drizzle a very small amount of melted oil into your hand, apply to skin and enjoy. Avoid nether regions (genetialia), internal and sensitive areas.  

    SAFETY -
    Container will get hot, handle with care! Let cool before handling
    Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.
    Place candle holders on a stable, heat-resistant surface that is sturdy.
    The wick is pure cotton and is self trimming but if the flame ever sputters or the wick curls up, just trim it to 1/4" to promote even burning.
    ~ Never leave burning candle unattended.
    ~ Do not place candle in drafty areas.

    Customized FAQ...

    1. Will the candle's color transfer to the skin?

    No, the oils are completely translucent when used on the skin.

    2.Does the candle's fragrance transfer to the skin. 

    Yes. Our candles give off a light scent like a scented lotion or body butter when used on the skin. It will gives off an amazing smell in the room that it's placed, whether it's lit or not. 

    3. Will the candle's oil burn the skin?

    No. Although, you should test the candle wax's temperature by placing your finger in the wax, it will feel pleasantly warm but not hot. 

    4. What's the burn time for your candles?

    Approximately 30-40 hours per candle. Depends on the amount of oil used during massage, when burned. 

    5. Can the oil be used as a intimate lubricant?


    6. Are the oils in your candle lickable on the skin?

    Yes, only when glitter is not added to the candle's formulation.