POPPIN' PUDDIN' 2 - Hydrating Hair Cream and Hair Repair



Natural   Cruelty Free   Gluten Free


Poppin' Puddin' 2 Moisturizing Cream has long lasting moisture. Our formulation effortlessly absorbs into every strand of hair while leaving your hair without a greasy coated feeling. Not only will it soften your hair but we've added GOAT'S MILK to help with strengthening, smoothing, elongating, repairing tired, over worked strands.

All of this, in addition to luxurious ingredients like SHEA BUTTER for sealing in moisture, CASTOR OIL for improved hair growth and thickness, and ORGANIC ALOE VERA GEL which gives damaged hair more elasticity as well as shine.

Nerdy Fun Fact...Aloe Vera Gel also contains small amounts of the protein and amino acids which are absorbed into the cortex of the hair, adding structural integrity along with several vitamins, and organic fatty acids.

The end result is soft, healthy, naturally shiny hair.

It's a perfect styling cream for a variety of hair types whether you are straight, curly, thick, kinky, coily, thirsty, damaged hair. It's great for wash and goes, roller sets and setting manipulated curly, wavy, kinky styles. 


-Organic Aloe Vera Gel

-Goat's Milk

-Raw Shea Butter

-Cocoa Butter

-Avocado Oil

-Castor Oil

-Coconut Oil

Also Contains: Distilled water, Cetyl Alcohol, Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Preservative.

Use a small amount on dry, damp or wet hair in small sections. Work thoroughly from root to end. Follow up with Honey Bee Frizz Free Gel  for hold and an extra dose of shine...Also great for wash and goes, twisting, braiding and protective styles.