• POPPIN' PUDDIN'-2 IN 1 Moisturizing Hair Gel and Hair Repair



    Jul 13, 2016

    5 out of 5 stars

    Finally tried the leave in condioner & the poppin curl enhancer. Omg they both smell so good and I'm a sucker for products that smell good. Otherwise I won't use them. I have collarbone length, fine wavy/sometimes curly hair and lots of it. I can't put really heavy stuff on my hair or it'll make my hair look dirty and the leave conditioner and poppin enhancer both deliver. Just took a fingerful of the leave in conditioner and spread through my hair and then the same with the poppin enhancer and combed them through and then just sort of scrunched it a bit and that's it. Let it air dry and my hair looked amazing!! Softly defined moisturized, beautiful waves, not crunchy at all and my hair feels light and springy and not overloaded with product. And the name poppin enhancer really does apply because my waves are definitely poppin' 😀 -Neena118

    Want Soft Sexy Healthy Curls???

    Did you know that Poppin' Puddin' is a MOISTURIZING HAIR GEL used for smoothing, elongating, repairing and enhancing hair that can help to bring sexy back to your curls? It contains a host of luxurious ingredients like SHEA BUTTER for softness, ORGANIC JAMACIAN BLACK CASTOR OIL for hair growth and thickness, and ALOE VERA GEL which repairs hair from the inside out  by attracting and sealing in moisture. Aloe Vera Gel also contains small amounts of the protein and amino acids which are absorbed into the cortex of the hair, adding structural integrity along with several vitamins, and organic fatty acids.

    The end result achieving touchable, healthier hair from the inside out. And we all know that there is nothing sexier than strong, inviting, soft, naturally shiny, healthy hair.

    It's a perfect styling aid for thick, kinky curly, thirsty, damaged hair. It's great for wash and goes, roller sets and setting manipulated curly, wavy, kinky styles. 

    Follow up with Slade Pomade for an extra dose of shine...


    -Aloe Vera Gel

    -Raw Shea Butter

    -Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil

    -Organic Hemp Seed Oil

    -Argan Oil

    -Rice Brand Oil

    -Liquid Silk

    Also Contains: Distilled water, organic extra virgin coconut oil, apricot oil, sunflower oil,  jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, xanthan gum, cetearyl alcohol, conditioning emulsifier, green tea essential oil, ginger essential oil, preservative.

    Use a small amount on damp or wet hair in small sections. Work thoroughly from root to end. Allow hair to dry in a stretched state using your favorite stretching method. Follow up with Slade Pomade for an extra dose of shine...Also great wash and goes and for twisting, braiding and protective styles.